Kraft and cellulose lid for CAR037

Transparent lid zero plastic, with a cellophane window.
Cellophane, made from cellulose, a natural substance derived from vegetable fibers such as wood, wood pulp or cotton, offers transparency to observe the contents of the package without the need for opening.
Its shine and moisture resistance make it an aesthetic and functional solution.
It protects food while keeping transparency.
It is a perfect ecological alternative to plastic.
Resistant to cold, fridge and freezer, does not pass in oven or microwave.
Customizable from 3,000 pieces.
Pieces per pack: 200
Material: Kraft / Cardboard
Dimensions: 36,6 cm x 26,8 cm x 6cm
Color: Brun
Quantity (pack of 200 pieces)

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  • Reusable : NON Can be washed and used multiple times.
  • Recyclable : OUI Discarded whilst sorting, revalued materials, and gives life to new products.
  • Compostable : NON The capacity to dissolve naturally in the presence of micro-organisms, in a humid and warm environment. The compost will subsequently feed the soil.
  • Biodegradable : NON Organic matter capable of decomposing in a favorable environment in less than one year, without any adverse effects on the environment.