Pine casserole 10 cm

From the cocktail piece to the individual dish, for cooking or reheating, our range of pine casserole dishes opens up many horizons for you.
All of our pine casserole models are customizable.
The lid can be screen printed in your company colors.
Disposable natural product.
Packaged with a lid and a baking tray in place.
Pieces per pack: 210
Pieces per inner pack: 210
Material: Wood / Pine
Dimensions: ? 10 cm, h. 4 cm
Color: Natural
Quantity (pack of 210 pieces)

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  • Reusable : NON Can be washed and used multiple times.
  • Recyclable : OUI Discarded whilst sorting, revalued materials, and gives life to new products.
  • Compostable : NON The capacity to dissolve naturally in the presence of micro-organisms, in a humid and warm environment. The compost will subsequently feed the soil.
  • Biodegradable : OUI Organic matter capable of decomposing in a favorable environment in less than one year, without any adverse effects on the environment.