Our commitments

OXSTAL was created in 2004, by two friends, Réginald Uzzan and Matthieu Bonneaud. They both used to work for the largest catering companies in Paris. We offer tableware for catering professionals. The company continues to grow and reinvent itself, in recent years, we are also a supplier of natural packaging for take-away and Dark Kitchen. “More than a product, we provide a service!”

OXSTAL is the contraction of stainless steel (inox) and crystal. Our emblem, the hummingbird, is a fast and responsive bird. With 20,000 wing beats per hour, it can fly up to 70 km/h. With more than 9,000 deliveries per year and 1,600 active clients, OXSTAL’s human-sized team is extremely responsive in terms of logistics and commercial expertise and is able to adapt to any demand.   Like hummingbirds flying from flower to flower, our team bend over backwards to find you the best products. Available every weekday, the team is by your side, eager to advise you and follow your orders.

OXSTAL is a small community who contributes to the growth of a living and responsible company. Constantly in search of innovation with ranges specifically dedicated to professionals of the restoration, we are offering our customers to engage with us in favor of the environment using our sustainable, recyclable or compostable products. OXSTAL products are state of the art, natural and eco-friendly. To date, the collection has about 500 product references in 4 universes (trays & service, cocktail & reception, meal trays, take-away sales). Our references increase by 30 new references every year.


We carry out efficient outsourcing to select clean and natural raw materials, with a minimal impact on the environment. OXSTAL is committed to offering eco-responsible and affordable packaging solutions, with great aesthetic. Our products are recyclable, compostable, biodegradable or reusable. They are “certified food contact” (a microwavable material), and comply with the latest French and European legislation.


Having self-awareness towards the climate, we place sustainable development at the heart of our actions. We are working on relocating our manufacturers to France and Europe, to reduce our carbon footprint over the entire life cycle of our products. We have thus joined the Climate Neutral Now process.

Measure reduce offset

Since 2018, OXSTAL has been a member of the United Nations Climate Change (UNCC) CLIMATE NEUTRAL NOW program to offset its CO2 emissions from transport. We work for global climate neutrality by managing our carbon footprint. Following the UN’s 2015 Climate Neutrality Initiative, this program was created to encourage PVT LTDs to take action to help achieve the goal of a climate neutral world by the middle of the century. We limit our carbon footprint as much as possible, which is measured every year. Thanks to the funds that have been raised, we are able to carry out projects that fight global warming. We are for example involved in the construction of clay kilns in Malawi, replacing traditional wood kilns. The aim of this process is to reduce deforestation in this region.

This program consists of three stages:

MEASURE our carbon footprint
REDUCE our emissions as much as possible through our own actions
OFFSET emissions using United Nations Certified Reduction Units (CERs), which are one of the existing types of carbon credits

In this context, OXSTAL had its carbon footprint estimated by an independent firm and according to methods approved by the UN, linked to its activities in France and internationally. The file outlining these calculations was confirmed by experts. The economic reliability and sustainability of the project in Malawi, was approved by the UN. Therefore, the integrity and efficiency of the operation are ensured by the purchase of emission reduction certificates. As global warming is a worldwide threat, every action, regardless of where and when, has the same impact. The voluntary approach of OXSTAL is an additional but essential effort in the war against global warming.